Best Rated Commercial Lawn Mowers 2019

Commercial Lawn MowersBecause a little manual mower has to do with an electric, petrol, thermal, or even less, with a lawn mower, if you are in the trance of collecting information to know what lawnmower to buy, you have just landed in the ideal place, the same one in which to Through a similar guide, we have recently helped a lot of people choose brush cutters.
Husqvarna LC121FH Fwd Lawn Mower Gas
Husqvarna LC121FH

We consider this as a collection of models and data on lawnmower of all brands, models and prices, as a useful purchase guide for both those who have to Buy a lawnmower online For the first time, as for those who already have some experience and what they need is to renew their gardening equipment.

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  • Comparison of Lawnmower 2019
  • The best lawnmower of 2019
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  • Buy Gasoline Lawnmower
  • Comparison of Tractors Lawn mower
  • What is a thermal mower?
  • Lawnmower or brush cutter? What to buy?
  • Sharpening a Lawnmower
  • Buy Cheap Lawnmower
  • Best gasoline lawnmower in quality/price
  • Top-selling 2019 Mowers

Guide to Buy Lawnmower Online

When you have to cope with the care of a garden, you know that sooner or later you have to take a new or second-hand lawnmower, it depends on the budget. But the choice is or should be conditioned especially by the type of use and the amount of land to which it is destined, that is, to the surface.
If you are in the process of asking yourself "What mower I buy", we have summarized all the main aspects in which you should put the focus before making a firm decision. The following tips will help you decide which lawnmower to buy:

Rotary or Helical:

The Rotary They are the most common, and have a rotating blade connected to the body through a central axis. A Helical Mower It can be manual thrust or self-propelled (electric or petrol), and has several blades arranged in a horizontal axis, which provide a very precise cut in especially on lawns without many impurities, on regular grounds. Keep in mind, Yes, that the blades of the Helical Mower They are more complex to sharpen than the rotary mowers.

Electric gas:

Electrics can be cable or battery, and gasoline, conventional or thermal.Below we explain the differences between each type, but you should consider as a general rule that, for large areas or for professional use, Thermal gas Lawnmower They are the most advisable.

Manuals or tractors:

Manual push mowers may have blades that rotate with the wheel's own movement (completely manual), or be aided by electric or petrol engines. For their part, the Tractor Mowers They incorporate a seat to facilitate and make easier the task of mowing the lawn on large surfaces.

Power: The power of the motor is determined by the use of the lawnmower and the weight of the mower. It is, therefore, a key factor that in the long run will be key in the Durability Of the apparatus, and which also affects the price.

Weight: Especially when it comes to manual push mowers, weight is a very important factor to consider. Even if it's Traction Mower, light materials contribute to a lower weight and, consequently, to lower consumption of the appliance.

Comparative Mower 2019

In this Comparative table of the best mowers, updated to this year 2019, we try to reflect at a glance what are the differences and the most important functions with which each model counts. We can't put them all on a board, so we're left alone with The most sold Mowers Or more popular in Spain.

If you want to expand information on this table Mower Comparison, you can always access the tab of each one or read the rest of the sections of this guide.

The best lawn mower of 2019

Given the wide variety of Types of lawn Mowers That exist with characteristics adapted for the different needs, it is complex to talk about the 2019 Best Lawn Mower.

In order for the selection to be coherent, we have adhered to analyze the models of domestic use of medium range, selecting the best manual lawnmower, the best electric mower, and the best lawnmower of gasoline. In addition, we have taken into account other criteria such as the value for money and the opinions of those users who have previously purchased a lawnmower.

These are the 2019 Best Lawn Mower:



If we go into the segment of the Traction or self-propelled lawnmower, although the two brands we are going to cite below have very models to consider, we believe that this McCulloch Petrol M53 deserves to be part of the cast of the best lawn mowers of 2019
If you are looking for a professional lawnmower, you are facing the Best professional Lawnmower, or one of the best without a doubt.

If your garden is especially large and laborious, the powerful engine of this machine is capable of working on abrupt surfaces of more than 2000 m² with a Powerful BladeCapable of covering a width of 53 centimeters in a height range ranging from 30 to 70 centimeters. For these purposes, this MacCulloch has a sack of grass in a proportion of 60 liters.

Why is the best gas lawn mower?

For its reliability, durability, and cutting efficiency.

In a slightly lower range, but with a price also more affordable, you can find others like this Einhell GP-PM 46/1.

We then leave then, therefore, the analysis of the most specific mower models with a professional vocation, as The best lawn tractors or the thermal mowers.

Mower Einhell GC-em 1536

Einhell GC EM

We could have re-elected a light helical mower, but to enrich the selection, in this case we have set only in the Electric Rotary Mower Sold, and among them all, this Einhell GC-EM 1536 Without traction stands out to offer one of the best quality-price ranges of the segment.

Its powerful 1500-watt coal engine is apt even for little-worked gardens, its 38-liter collection basket, the wheels fulfill its mission to perfection, has a drive system and speed selector (5) of the most intuitive, and folds to the M Il wonders. For all this, and for its price (at Amazon, below €100), has earned the nickname of Super Sales In its segment.

Why is the best electric lawnmower?

Because together with its efficient cutting system, it agglutinates all the good characteristics that are expected of a machine of this type.

Lighter than the Einhell, and in a fairly similar line of performance, there is also this Bosch ARM 32, with an equally competitive price.


When you look for a Manual Helical Mower, what comes to mind is something very close to this Bosch AHM 30; That is to say, a lightweight, compact, simple-to-bend, easy-folding instrument, and most importantly, with efficient and durable blades for a quality cut.

Its 30 centimeters of cutting width, and easy adjustment with a click of the cutting height between 12 and 40 centimeters, and its about 6.3 kilos of weight, all together with the good general construction proper of the brand, despite the excess of its own plastics of this type D and lawn mower under the lightening of the same (in this case, however, are hard plastics that meet perfectly with their function), make this Bosch one of the Top-selling Hand mowers of the market, and of those that better opinions generate among its users.

Why is the best hand mower?

Because it is very compensated in all its measurable aspects, including price, and because it does what it is expected to do in the best possible way.

Its nearest competitor, with very similar features and a slightly lower price, is this Gardena 4018.

CUB CADET Professional Mower TRACTOR

Below we will devote a little time to talk about the Tractor Mowers, but before we came to do it seemed interesting to refer to this machine powered by a 420cc engine. Created to cut large areas of grass in the most efficient and professional way.

The width of a mower tractor like this has nothing to do with the width of a conventional lawnmower like the one we just saw. In this case, we are talking about 95 cm wide for a margin of between 30 and 95 millimeters of cutting height.

To store the cut lawn, this professional lawn mower has a 240 litre box, capable of accommodating leftovers from the cutting of a football field without the need to empty the bucket.

Top Lawn Mower Brands:

We have already mentioned them at three, although it would not be fair in this case not to mention other reputable lawnmower manufacturers such as Honda, Toro, Viking, MTD, etc.

However, due to its presence in the market, and having located all of them at least one lawnmower in the segment of the best sellers and better valued in their respective segments, we believe that stand out above the rest these three brands:

  • Bosch Mowers 
  • Mowers One-bribe 
  • McCulloch Mower 
Next, we will indicate why these three selected brands are considered the best lawnmower brands of 2019:

Buy BOSCH Mower

As a brand, Bosch does not need presentation. In all the appliances, DIY tools and gardening that they manufacture, they always move in medium and high quality standards, with always competitive prices in the market.

They play all the sticks as far as the lawnmower is concerned, from the simple manual mowers such as the Bosch AHM 30, to sophisticated lawn mowers such as the Bosch Indego, and auxiliary machines such as cutting bushes, poles of Cut or scissors hand mower, etc. Yes, all Bosch motor mowers are electric.

These are the best 2019 Bosch Mowers:

Buy EINHELL Mower:

Unlike Bosch, the Einhell lawnmower brand, also German, is uniquely specialized in the manufacture of lawnmowers and other DIY items for both domestic and professional use.

The overall quality of its products is backed by the critics, and in the case of the lawnmower, as happens with the company Bosch, have been able to stay on the crest of the wave thanks to very complete machines with very attractive prices. Although their specialty is electric or petrol powered lawnmowers, with or without traction, where they are leaders of the sector, they also have a wide range of lawn mowers.

These are the best Einhell mower of 2019:

McCulloch Mowers

Perhaps the American brand of McCulloch mowers and tractors is one of the best known and recognized brands, all of their machines have a distinctive hallmark in the robustness of their designs and in the high power of their engines. They are specialists, and they manufacture at the highest level, with products of the highest quality and capacity, but also for that reason, of the most expensive ones of the market.

McCulloch incorporate the latest technological advances, which allows them to boast a more diverse and attractive lawnmower catalog. As in the case of the previous two brands, McCulloch offers guarantees on its lawn mowers, and has spare parts of all kinds.

These are the best McCulloch lawn mowers of 2019:

Buy Hand Mower:

In the juicy analysis of the mower types, we started with the simplest: the manual lawnmowers. In this segment, we could also make a segmentation between wheel mowers and lawn mower poles.

However, a lawn mower or brush cutter is especially suitable for working on very abandoned terrain, with high and hard grasses, while the hand mowers are cutting machines that do not incorporate the motor so much for the movement of the Knives, as for their own displacement. They are, therefore, the cheapest in the category.

We leave a selection of different types of lawnmowers:

4-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower

Greenworks 20-Inch Lawn Mower 

Remington-RM130 Trail Blazer-Gas-Push-Lawn-Mower
Yard-Machines -140cc-Inch-Push-Mower

Buy Electric Mower:

Among the motor mowers, there are also several types of electric mower:

The cable lawnmowers have the advantage of "nourishing" the electric current, and the clear disadvantage of having to be pending during all their use to have it connected, not to step on the cable, etc.

On the other hand, the drum mowers can be traction or manual, and offer similar features to the electric cable. The best thing is that they allow us to have a total freedom of movement, although that implies carrying out the load beforehand. If you do not know very well what electric mower to buy but you have clear that you want it to be battery, keep in mind the load capacity of this and its durability.

Finally, the lawnmowers would also enter this segment, although they are nourished by solar energy. We analyzed them below.


ECO-Power-56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Lawn Mower
Earthwise- 40-Volt Lithium- Ion Cordless -Electric- Lawn -Mower


Yard-Machines -140cc-Inch-Push-Mower

Buy Gasoline Lawnmower

Although electric motors are increasingly efficient, the majority of gardening professionals opted to use gasoline lawnmowers, being engines with more stamina and power for intensive work.

If you are looking for a lawn mower for a large and demanding terrain, and you don't have a problem having to carry gas canisters every once in a while, this is your best option. And if it can be with traction, better than better.

If you don't know what gasoline lawnmower to buy, here are four big machines to choose from:

As you can see, these are more expensive than electric ones for obvious reasons. Finding a cheap gasoline lawnmower can be a prior a complicated task, although the expensive and the cheap are relative terms that need to be measured within the same segment, and not by compared mowers with different engines.

You will also see that despite being all of them a motor of propulsion, the difference of prices between each other is very evident, and is that they do not require the same power or cubic capacity a machine conceived for a type and size of terrain, that another one with more modest requirements. 

If you're not Professional but you want a high-flying cutter, this Papillon is for many of us the best quality priced gasoline lawnmower, or one of those that clearly enter the fight:

Tractors Lawn mower

Recommended only for particularly large surfaces or for people who have difficulty handling a manual control mower with or without traction, the tractor mowers incorporate a seat from which you can comfortably direct the Mowing work. This implies a greater complexity in all aspects of its construction (design, power, materials, etc.) that puts the lawnmowers in the highest range of this type of machines, although there are very diverse in terms of performance and prices.

It is difficult to determine which tractor mower is better, but as we have said before, the McCulloch brand stands out clearly among its competitors for its tradition and for the solid and powerful character of its tractors.

As you see, and as you are going to see in any catalog you consult, these are quite expensive machines, so we have again allowed the luxury to stand out above all that for us could be the best mower tractor Quality Price , a good machine of a brand of guarantees, with average capacities but sufficient for any work in the domestic field:

What is a thermal mower?

If consulting catalogs you have found with mentions to thermal mowers and you are not sure what it is, it is because the thermal condition mentions a type of motor mower that uses a mixture of fuel and oil, like the old Vespas.

These are engines prepared for mowing on large surfaces and during long sessions, although there are many types of thermal mower: manual, self-propelled, tractors, etc.

Lawn mower or brush cutter? What to buy?

In fact, the answer is very simple, and is that, however sophisticated or powerful a lawnmower, these, as its name suggests, are designed to cut grass, and not anything else.

If in your farm or garden there is not only grass, but land with weeds quite left by the hand of man, what you need is a brush cutter with knives specialized in this type of work.

Of course, in the same way that there are many types of mowers, the catalogue of brush cutters is equally ample, but it is advisable to stay at least with the concepts of seat brush cutters (tractors), Wheel cutters (manual or Auto), Cane cutters, etc.

Sharpening a lawnmower:

Although it is advisable to resort to a professional technical service, if you are able to dismantle and remove yourself the blade of your lawn mower and it lends itself to be sharp, this video shows in detail how to sharpen a mower with a grinder , a very effective resource whenever you have domino in the use of this type of instruments:

Buy cheap Lawnmower

As always, we like to finish our reviews with a sample of products that, despite having a price below the average, offer acceptable benefits.

In this sense, talking about cheap lawnmowers is not easy, due to the huge spectrum of typologies and models, with prices that can exceed 8000 euros in the professional mowers of high range.

If you don't find what you're searching for among our suggestions, you can always turn to Amazon's second-hand lawnmower.

Best gasoline lawnmower in quality/price

Every time you are more users that you do the same consultation: what are the best lawnmowers of gasoline in quality-price? And the truth is that there are also several models that could perfectly be included in the answer. But, of all of them, we wanted to highlight one very concrete, the gasoline lawnmower Greencut GLM660SX.

The decision to name this model as the best gasoline lawnmower in relation to quality-price is due to its more than remarkable performance and its irresistible sale price to the public. A combination that has made this product of the brand Greencut in all a super sales in our country.

The most sold lawnmowers of 2019

If despite reading our guide to the best lawnmower of 2019, you still have doubts about which model to choose, we offer another criterion that can help you make the best decision: The list of latest trends of the moment.

This list of latest trends reflects which are the most sold lawnmowers of 2019, ie those bought by other users who previously were in the same situation as you and, finally, have decided to buy these lawn mowers :

That said, do not hesitate to move any possible concerns that might arise when buying your lawn mower at Amazon. We're here to help you!