7+ Best Mowers of 2019 - Buying Guide

The job of keeping the lawn carefully can become tedious without the right tools, especially if you have a large area.

Currently the market offers a wide range of possibilities for the purchase of lawn mowers and go through all the options can come to seem overwhelming.

That's why we included in this guide a list of the 7 best lawnmowers of 2019, the best-selling models and best qualified by buyers, and detailed its main features to function as the first filter on the way to purchase your future lawnmower.

Purchase A Lawn Mower, What Do You Have To Take Into Account?

All products either online or in a physical store, will offer a broad description of features many of which are not important, and we will not benefit from reading. Of course, there are details that will help us make an intelligent purchase that meets our needs. The factors to keep in mind and pay attention while reading the descriptions of the models are the following:

Best Mower


The measures of the garden is a key detail to take into account. With a general rule, if you have a garden of small size recommended is to select a small electric lawn mower, serve to do the job efficiently and quickly, avoid spending on gasoline and will have as a unique disadvantage the annoying key.

For medium-sized gardens we should start thinking about a higher power electric mower or directly to a tool that runs on gasoline. Unless it is heavy vegetation, the electric option will remain the recommended one (despite the cable) considering that it spends less.

Finally, if we are talking about a large space in dimensions or a garden with uneven terrain, we definitely recommend a gasoline lawn mower. It will completely eliminate the dependence on the cable (including the typical accident of going over the extension with the machine) and also, being self-propelled, the gas mowers will require less energy for their use.

Another dimension to take into account is that of the machine itself. Some models can be very large and heavy, so before selecting one we should ask the following question: Who will normally use the machine? The difficulty of handling and the force it requires for example to push an electric mower may be too much for some users. Always remember that the human energy needed for work will always be reduced by buying a gasoline lawn mower since it will be self-propelled.

Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

In the middle of the decision between electric machines or gasoline there is also a third less frequent option, the electric lawn mower wireless. As you can imagine it works through a rechargeable battery that gives it a certain autonomy (on average one hour) to perform the free task of the annoying cable.
However, due to its low autonomy and sometimes insufficient power, this type of product is not recommended. Only if you want to avoid using gasoline but you have a large patio where cables are a nuisance is this an appropriate and viable option. (You may also be interested in looking at a robotic lawnmower).


Saving electric power is never good when buying a lawn mower because it is a waste of money. Efficiency and speed is achieved through a good power, that is 1200W up. The result of opting for a lower option is to stay with a machine that will cost you to move over tall grasses or even require two passes to leave the lawn at the level we want.
The good power will make the difference between mowing the lawn only during Saturday morning or having to do it all weekend.

And The Cut Grass?

The lawnmowers with bag, which accumulate the lawn in them and then pass it to a waste bag, are a practical and comfortable option widely used. On the other hand, there are models that cut the grass into tiny pieces, forming a layer rich in phosphorus and nitrogen that will function as fertilizer. These are two valid options whose decision will depend entirely on the tastes of the owner of the garden.


In the list below, we will present lawn mowers whose prices range between 100 and 400 euros, this is of course the medium-high or high range of the product. There are numerous models of high quality with prices below 100 euros and to tell you which we are have made this comparison of the best cheap mowers.

7 Best Mower

Here is a list of seven of the best rated and best-selling mowers. We will place them in order of price, from the most economical in number 7 to the most expensive in number 1:

Makita ELM3800

Without being a leader in the manufacture of this product, the Makita brand enters the list with this modest but adequate model, perfect for small gardens of the city or interior courtyards of companies or public buildings, with adjustment of 5 different heights, quick release lever for easy folding of the handlebar and lawn storage box with level indicator. See more Makita mower.
Its dimensions are 64.4 x 31.8 x 31.2 cm and its approximate weight is 13 kilograms, with an electrical power of 1300W, ideal for this small but strong machine style.
  • As always at the top of the list is a model that wins many buyers thanks to its excellent price / quality.
  • Makita ELM3800 38 cm electric mower with 1,300W of power, 1400 W, Blue.
  • Ideal for the garden of the city and small and medium-sized lawns up to 500 m2
  • Cut close compensate mowing wheels possible

Greencut GLM660SX

The machine in the position number 6 of the list is also the only model of the Greencut brand in it. The versatile GLM660SX features an ergonomic handle design for easy operation and has 7 different height settings (from 25 and up to 75mm, with 400mm of cutting width) between which you can vary and change it simply with a lever pull.

  • Its dimensions are 132 x 50 x 98 cm and the approximate weight is 30 Kg, although we must remember that it is a gasoline model that will be self-propelled and easy to maneuver, with a tank that can hold up to 0.7 L that drives an OHV engine 5cv, 4 times, air cooled.
  • Greencut GLM660SX Manual Tractor Lawnmower, Gasoline Engine, 3600 W, 220 V, Red, 40 cm
  • Air-cooled OHC 4-stroke engine with 139cc and 5cv manual traction.
  • Double edge blade 400 mm diameter.

Black & Decker EMAX42i

Another brand that comes to the list with just one product is Black & Decker and this electric model that has the Intelli-Cable system to avoid classic accidents with the cable and a compact design for better access under hedges and possible furniture. yard. With a power of 1800 W the machine has a cut of 42 cm wide, 6 variable heights and can usually be achieved in the market at a price of around 155 euros.
  • Black + Decker EMAX42I-QS Lawnmower (1800 W) with Width 42 cm, 6 Cutting Heights and 50 L.
  • E-Drive: high torque force, high performance cutting system, constant speed even with high grass.
  • Adjusting the cutting height: Soft Touch technology allows you to adjust the cutting height with a single movement and effortlessly.
  • Its dimensions are 41 x 47.2 x 79.2 cm and the approximate weight around 17 kilograms, which transforms it into a practical machine and not too heavy for the push.
  • Undoubtedly the most attractive quality of this model is the E-Drive, a high performance cutting system with constant speed even in tall grass.
In the following video you can see how the Black & Decker lawn mower line works:

Einhell GE-EM 1843 HW

Einhell is the first brand in the list to own more than one post and the first one goes for this powerful 1800 W model with 6 levels of cuts that can be easily varied and range from 25 to 75 mm. It has a two-point safety switch and is recommended for work on land up to 800 m². Another example of excellent price/quality ratio, the GE-EM 1843 HW can usually be found on the market at price less than 200 euros.
  • Its dimensions are 82 x 48.5 x 44.5 cm and its approximate weight is 21 kilograms, a perhaps too heavy option that reduces its practicality. Remember to consider who will be the one in charge normally to perform the task of mowing the lawn while we analyze the characteristics of size and weight of the machines.
  • Einhell 3400181 Electric lawn mower, 1800 W, AC, 230 V
  • 1800 watts power
  • Coal induction

Bosch ROTAK 43

One of the leading brands in the manufacture of this product, as well as that of many tools, is Bosch, which, like Einhell , is made more than one place in the list. The first one takes this model of exceptional ergonomics thanks to the Ergoflex handle with AGR certificate, easy handling, simple design and Powerdrive motor system that guarantees a reliable cut even in the most difficult conditions. All these and some more features make their cost, which usually around 240 euros, a relatively modest.
  • The dimensions are 79 x 43.5 x 79 cm, approximate weight of 13 kilograms, electric power required of 1800W, with an accumulator bag of grass that has a capacity of 50 liters and will allow fewer work interruptions to empty.
  • Bosch 06008A4300 Lawnmower ROTAK 43, 1800 W, 220 V, Black, Green, 43 cm Cutting Width
  • Lawnmower Rotak 43: ideal for wide surfaces because of its cutting width of 43 cm
  • With its lawn combs, it is indicated for cutting flush in the vicinity of walls, walls and edge.

Einhell GH-PM 46/1

The second model of the Einhell brand to make a place on the list has a powerful 4-stroke engine of 135 cc and 1 cylinder that gives a power of 2.17 kW (3.0 hp) at 3100 rpm / min. This transforms the GH-PM 46/1 into the best option on the list for medium / large size gardens, recommended for spaces of up to 1400 m². Its power and versatility postulate it as an excellent option of the wide market where it can be obtained at a price that normally is around 260 euros.
  • Its dimensions are 57 x 78.5 x 44 cm, its approximate weight is 33 kilograms and the capacity of its lawn accumulator bag is 60 L. The width of the cut is 57 cm, with five adjustable cutting heights that go from 32 and up to 70 mm.
  • Einhell 3400717, 2170 W, 220 V, Red, 46cm
  • Engine of 4 times of 135 cc and 1 cylinder
  • Engine power of 2.17 kW (3.0 hp) at 3100 rpm / min

Bosch ROTAK 32 LI

Bosch ROTAK 32 LI

This Bosch mower keeps the first place on the list with its model ROTAK 32 LI, one of the few examples of total wireless freedom and energy. Possessing the Rotak 32 LI High Power battery and light weight with integrated grips to allow practical transport, this model is presented as the best option for small gardens, with a recommended maximum of 300 m². Due to the quality of Bosch and the total autonomy of this machine you cannot consider at your cost a cheap one, since it normally costs around 350 euros.
  • Its dimensions are 60.3 x 39.6 x 36.3 cm and its weight is surprisingly light, with 10 kilograms and a folding handle for a more compact storage. Another of the qualities that make this model an ally with technology is its low level of noise, which makes it a lawn mower suitable for the urban lifestyle.
  • Bosch 0600885D01 Battery Lawnmower ROTAK 32 LI, 36 W, 36 V
  • The Rotak 32 LI High Power battery-powered lawn mower: greater power for urban gardens
  • The turf comb and the tempered steel blade provide a clean cut along walls, blocks and edges

It is easy to differentiate the mowers since they have very varied characteristics, however this does not mean that the task of selecting one is easier.

Before entering into the options offered by the market, we must analyze the important details clarified in the section, what should be taken into account? and to compare our needs with the budget we have at hand and the characteristics of our models.

The size of the patio is only the first of several factors that we have to analyze thoroughly to select the product that best meets our needs. The lawn mowers themselves can be too big and heavy for people of a certain age or perhaps, in an extremely large yard, we will benefit from the use of a wireless tool.

If everything goes as we wish we will have achieved an intelligent purchase that completely satisfies our needs.
So far, the guide for the purchase of a lawn mower, we hope it has been as enjoyable as useful.